As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to linger and keep the country on its toes, we see more businesses hit and the lives of Singaporeans taking its toll. We are made to stay indoors unless for essential needs. Even property developers are not taking this lightly. For the past couple of months, they have rolled out a series of promotions and discounts to rekindle Singaporean’s spending desire.

We have listed a total of 11 projects that are currently having some form of discounts and promotions with most of them ending by phase 1 of the circuit breaker. Looking at the recent release news on phase 2 circuit breaker, we expect more developers to do the same, but we do not expect the discounts to be extravagant. It ultimately depends on how soon the circuit breaker will be lifted and over how long a duration.

Moreover, the government has already stepped in with temporary relief measures to relieve property developers in terms of construction timelines and sales of units. A sign that the government is determined to ensure market stability and maintain Singapore’s reputation as the ideal investment location.

It is good news for buyers nevertheless. If you are actively looking for a property to buy, do not miss the information provided in this video. If you are not actively looking, perhaps it is time to consider looking around for one.