Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple sectors have been hit in various ways. So has the construction industry. Many new launches have been put on hold or delayed indefinitely, pending the end of the circuit breaker on 2nd June. Such is the case for Clavon in Clementi Avenue 1.

Despite the results being announced in July 2019, there have been not much updates on the project details yet. Though UOL is bullish in sentiments with regards to this new project, riding on the strong success of 505-unit Clement Canopy released in February 2017 and fully sold in July 2018.

Situated on Clementi Avenue 1, it would seem that this location is far from ideal.

clavon location map

The walking distance to Clementi MRT is 1.1 kilometers and a good 14 minutes walk. In my opinion on a hot day or a thunderstorm, this walk is practically impossible. Similar to Parc Clematis. Located near to two major schools have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. The prerequisite of advantage would be your child is fortunate enough to land a spot in either Nan Hua High School or NUS High School of Mathematics and Science. The downside of it will be the traffic madness every morning, trust me, I live right next to a primary and secondary school.

Oddly, the positioning of Clavon, is similar to Parc Clematis. A good majority of the units will be facing towards the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) exchange, which is a major negative aspect of this development. If any consolation, at least it does not intersect with Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) as with Parc Clematis. The choice units will be very minimal, and it will largely depend on how the developer will plan the units’ mix positions. So if you are looking to buy into this project for any reason, you need to be fast. Despite the uncertainty of the global economic situation, there are still many genuine buyers who are looking to upgrade or have already sold their homes and need a new place to move into.

Clementi can be considered a mature estate and I do agree that there are a few advantages to it. There is no lack of amenities for sure in Clementi. It is only a short drive away to Holland and Dempsey, which leads you to Orchard. And also a short drive towards Queenstown. Buona Vista and One-North are in the vicinity as well.

This simply just translates to convenience for families who are used to living and working in the west. In terms of pricing, it has yet to be announced as of the point of writing this article.

But in my personal opinion, it does have a slight edge over Parc Clematis in terms of developer reputation, and location. If you are familiar with Clementi, you will know the drive from Clementi Avenue 6 out towards the city along Commonwealth Avenue West is a major nightmare as everyone is trying to avoid the tolls on AYE. So Clavon gives me that slight time-saving advantage over Parc Clematis, and obviously I will be nearer to Orchard regardless whether you drive or take a taxi.

Some might argue that Parc Clematis is perhaps nearer to Jurong, which is the second Central Business District. But bear in mind that Orchard road will always be Orchard road. There is no substitute for that. Parc Clematis is within 1 kilometer to Nan Hua Primary School, which is the sole winning factor.

Do note that as of writing, I do not have any details on pricing so I am solely doing a comparison between these two projects based on location and surroundings. These two projects will appeal to families who have their own respective needs for the future. I do not recommend investors are looking to buy and hoping to rent out to professionals to buy into this location. There are better projects out there. For more details on other projects, you can check out here for videos and brochures.